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Questions about sex, sexuality and gender are among the most pressing ethical issues facing the church today.”
-Preston Sprinkle
Discover the truth about Jesus, Sex & Gender


Finally a series that doesn’t shrink back from tough topics and also avoids purity culture clichés. This series addresses the issues you hear about most with grace and truth.


This series is meant to help you disciple your kids in the Creator’s design for sexuality and gender. Through the many stories and testimonies you will learn more about the heart of God, understand Biblical answers to some of the deepest questions surrounding these topics, and be led into how best to share them with your children.

We are excited to start a new series, Christian Sexuality, on Feb. 10!  This video-based, comprehensive discipleship experience will help youth leaders, mentors, and parents engage their youth in one of the most important conversations of our age.

Topics We unpack*:


The Authority of God & Scripture

Before we can talk about sexuality and gender, we need to truly believe that God is our authority and he's communicated his direction through Scripture.

Shame & Forgiveness

Shame often cripples a healthy sexuality; we need to understand that God is eager to forgive us for our mistakes.

Sex & Marriage

God designed sex and marriage for a purpose and it's much more than just meeting our sexual and emotional wants.

Porn & Masturbation

Porn is more influential than ever before and it impacts how we see others, pursue relationship, and ultimately the way we practice sex.

Same-Sex Sexuality

God loves gay people, even if the church hasn't always done so. Christians need to pursue both grace and truth when it comes to same-sex sexuality.

Transgender Identities

A meaningful and important dialogue about transgender identities and how Christians can think biblically and relationally about trans*-identify image bearers.

*The Christian Sexuality series is a 12-week video series, but for now we are doing these 6.

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