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When you hear the word “worship,” you might think of a church building, a choir, your favorite worship song, or maybe a special tradition. Worship takes a lot of forms, but sometimes we make the mistake of thinking worship is something it’s not — or, at least, something much smaller than what it really is. You can worship through song and meaningful traditions, but when’s the last time you worshiped by going outside? Or cleaning up your neighborhood? Or making a friend? Or telling God you’re angry? In this 4-week series, we’ll explore the book of Psalms (worship songs to God) as we discover that worship might be bigger than we ever imagined. Maybe worship isn’t just an anthem we sing, but an anthem we live, by worshiping with all of creation, worshiping to remember what God has done, worshiping even when it’s difficult, and worshiping together because we’re God’s family.

About Rose Valley Youth Ministries

Come join us for a warm place to belong, grow in Christ and have fun!
At Rose Valley Youth Ministries, you'll feel known and welcomed.
You can have honest conversations about real life without judgment.
We strive to know Christ deeper, why He matters, and understand how this changes every aspect of our life.
We want to live with Him now and put our faith into action as we love our neighbor as ourselves.
6th-12th Grade
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm
George Bales Gym
1457 Rose Valley Road, Kelso, WA
View the Youth Calendar here
Video game hangout every other Tuesday
101 Cunningham Road, Kelso, WA
(Unfortunately, this is paused until further notice)
Contact Nathaniel Vanderploeg at 360-998-0321 or email at for more info.

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