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Get Your church a gift!

Help us finish our goal!  Below are all the parts we have left to get to finish our sound system upgrade.  These upgrades will give us clearer, better sound; more versatility going forward; make things easier for our tech and music teams; and help those who are hard-of-hearing hear and participate in worship and growth.

This Christmas, help us finish the upgrade by covering the cost of one or more of these pieces of equipment!*

*You aren't literally buying the items but covering the costs.

We will be buying certain pieces of equipment

in the  order we need them as the resources come in,

not necessarily  in the order money is designated for them. 

Remaining Sound System Upgrade Components

Level 1: $60-$100

$60 – Behringer C-2 Condenser Mic (for Piano)
This allows us to amplify and record the piano with a proper microphone.

$60 – 5 XLR Cables (x2, total 10 cables, $120)

As we get more equipment, we need these cables to connect them. Many of the cables we use now are on loan.  Our goal is to have all we need of our own.

$100 – 1 Yamaha NS-AW194BL (Side Speaker) (x2, total of 2 – $200)

Side speakers help the hard of hearing by providing another, closer source of sound where the main speakers’ sound starts to drop. The existing side speakers (in the rafters to the right & left in the sanctuary) are very quiet and have low quality sound.

Level 2: $100 - $350

$210 – Audio-Technica U853R Congregation Mics (x2, total of 2 – $420)

Hung from the ceiling, mic-ing the congregation is primarily for our YouTube recordings.  It adds life & energy to our online streaming.  And there are times a congregation member speaks without a microphone; these allow everyone to be heard online, even without a handheld mic (though it’s preferred).

$304 – Shure BLX288/PG58 Microphones & Protection Plan (x2, total of 2 - $608)
A good mic makes all the difference for understanding voices!  We have 2 of the 4 we need.  Help us get the rest!

$329 – iPad (for remote controlling soundboard)

The best place for a sound-tech is on the floor with everyone, so they can hear what everyone else is hearing.  We can’t move all our equipment down, but we can control the soundboard remotely with a tablet!

Level 3: $350 - $500

$380 – CAD Audio Stage Select IEM Wireless Stereo In-Ear Monitor System (x3 – 2 already purchased, total of 5 - $1900)

It’s vital for musicians to hear themselves (“monitoring). We currently use speakers on the floor (“wedges”), but we can only have one mix. Monitoring through earphones instead not only allows them to have a personalized mix, but it also eliminates stage noise caused by the wedges, which allows for the purest, clearest sound possible.


$500 – QSC KW181 Subwoofer (in 3 installments, total of 1 - $1500)

Subwoofers are one of those things you don’t miss until you’ve experienced it. They provide extra punch and energy not given by the main speakers above.  Younger people are especially aware that good bass is necessary to have a full sound.