Jr. High & High School to Split into Own Groups

Updated: Sep 22

TL;DR: We will be splitting Jr.

High and High School for youth group this fall.

Rides will be available for those who need it.

Notes about summer activities.



This coming year, we will (hopefully) have an influx of 6th graders joining us. It seems to me that if there's ever a time to split the age groups, it's now!

At last week'

s end-of-the-year party, we discussed when to have each group meet starting this Fall, and they said Mondays and Wednesdays work best for them. I'm leaning toward High School on Mondays, and Jr. High on Wednesdays. Someone suggested we also move the time to 6 to 8pm for the Jr. High. If that works better for you, now's the time to say so!

Another option, though maybe less preferrable, is to do the two groups back to back; for example 5-6:30, then 6:45-8 (or similar).

I have someone willing to provide rides for those of you who have kids in both Jr. High and High School and would have to make multiple trips, or who otherwise couldn't get their kids to youth group. We want to

make this as easy as possible for you!

I wanted to let you know now that this is coming, so we can make the transition as simple as possible.

One more quick note:

All 5th grade graduates are invited to all the summer youth events! They are officially considered youth group age, and can join us!

Okay... one last quick note:

I hope to have a few smaller things going on specifically for each age group during the summer (trips to the park, go see a movie, that kind of thing). I'll keep you posted.

Be sure to check the calendar for details! Go to rosevalleyfriends.com/youth-calendar, or you can sync it to your Google calendar for live updates here.

Have a great summer!

Serving Christ together,

Nathaniel Vanderploeg

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