We're off to the races!

Hey parents,

Youth group starts TONIGHT, Sept. 7, with the jr. high youth group, and high school on Monday, Sept. 12.

I'm super excited for the new year, and the age group separation isn't the only new thing.

This year, we're introducing an incentive system to encourage students to bring friends, memorize Bible verses, or participate in other challenges throughout the year. When they do, they will earn points (tracked with custom guitar picks!) they can redeem for all sorts of fun prizes:

-Big sized candy bars

-Various prizes like small fidget toys, etc.

-Novelty socks and stickers

-Coffee shop gift cards

-Amazon gift cards

-Journal and pen

-Lunch with me

-An extra movie night for the whole group (a big-ticket item)

...and more!

Whenever students bring a friend, they will also get to choose to sit with their friend in a place of honor during the lesson time. As always, the new friend will get a welcome gift of a water bottle stuffed with candy and a Rose Valley Youth Ministries sticker. The one who invited them will get a small bag of candy.

Each and every week students bring their own Bibles, they will get a small piece of candy.

I must really like candy...


Lesson Series:

The ABC's of Christianity

To start off the school year, we will look at some of the basic building blocks of the Christian faith. We'll be looking at these basic doctrinal questions:

  • Who is God?

  • Who is Jesus?

  • What is the Bible?

  • Who are we?

  • What is sin and salvation?

  • What about creation?

  • What is worship?

  • What is the Church?

  • What is the Kingdom of God?

Tonight, we'll tackle the first one, Who is God? We'll focus on God's personal name (Yahweh), God is holy, God is a person, God is best known through Jesus Christ, God is a Trinity, and God is good.

The memory verse challenge for this week will be Exodus 34:6-7a:

Here's to a great year! Serving Christ together,

Nathaniel Vanderploeg

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