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Tuesday: Care

"Woman, here is your son," and to the disciple, "Here is your mother."

Simple Prayer: Let me see your deep care for me and those I love.

Read for Context (What does it say? Read 3x): John 19:25-27

Read for Insight (What does it mean?)

His Relentless Love: All who read the story of Jesus on the cross agree that his agony was unimaginable. Yet, in his pain, he recognized that he was not the only one who suffered. He saw his mother and his closest friend now crouched at his feet flooded with sorrow, drowning in despair. He saw them. He knew them. He cared.

In the midst of misery, he addressed their need and brought them consolation. As he had through all of his ministry, he defines family as those who together do his will. Obedience is thicker than water. So Jesus committed these two to one another. John became helpful to Mary and she a consolation to him.

Care for those in need is a characteristic of relentless love. Everywhere he went, he met needs healing, feeding, listening. releasing. At the Last Supper, he began by acting out a parable. He washed the disciple's feet. His point is simple to love is to care. To care is to serve.

Our Response: Undoubtedly, Jesus loves us. In his compassion, he has commissioned us be flesh and blood representatives of his love. Because he is wise, he knows that we are our best selves when we express love though practical service. When we serve, we not only find that others experience Jesus' relentless love, but that his love is changing our heart as well.

Read for Application (How should I respond?)

Say/write a short prayer of commitment.  In a journal or in the comments below.

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