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What to Expect Here...

At our church, you'll find a relaxed, casual environment.  Dress up or dress casual.  Come as you are, believer or not.  You're welcome here!

If you're new here, expect to be greeted and welcomed.  We want to meet you!

We understand that life is messy.  We have our own messes, too!  We don't expect anyone to "clean up their act" before coming to church.  We believe God wants to meet you wherever you are, regardless of your questions, doubts, or sins.  None of these disqualify you from God's Kingdom or our community.

But we still want to challenge you!  We seek to help you grow in community, grace, and truth.

You'll see that we don't pass an offering plate.  Instead, it's simply placed at the entrance to the sanctuary.  We think this makes it much less awkward for everyone!

Our music is simple, relaxed, and, if we may say so ourselves, high quality.  It's usually just a guitar, cajon, a couple singers, and often piano.  We sing a mix of contemporary songs and hymns.  (We always sing at least one hymn!)  It's not uncommon for us to have interactive elements in the music portion of the service.  Feel free to participate or just sit back.  While we do want to stretch you, we never want to over-stretch you!

Following the music, we dismiss kids 5th grade and under to go to "children's church," led by an amazing team of teachers.  We usually point out the teacher for that week and have kids follow them to their room.  If you have kids that age, you are welcome to meet the teacher and check it out before leaving your child(ren) there!

Our sermons are almost always interactive, too!  As with every element of our service, we do our best to make the teaching meaningful, encouraging, challenging and accessible to everyone.

Following the sermon, we have what we Quakers call "Open Worship."  For us, it's a time of silent reflection to open yourself up and digest what God is speaking to you.

After the service, we offer coffee and treats.  This is our social time, and you'll see many of us chatting.  It's a great opportunity to meet some new people or catch up!

We get it, we're not for everyone.  But we want to make every effort to ensure that when you're here, you feel welcome.

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