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Voter Guide from the Holy Post

“As we enter into the 2024 election, many of us are feeling anxious. We're worried about the growing political and cultural divisions in our society, in our churches, and even within our own families. When we focus on the potential problems it becomes easy to lose sight of what matters most—Jesus Christ and his call to love our neighbors.” – Skye Jethani

In this election season, many feel anxious, angry, and exhausted. This resource, called the Voter Guide, provided by Holy Post Media, is here to help by guiding us in “a non-anxious approach to the 2024 election.”

The Voter Guide is a short, 3-minute weekly devotional that helps us think about how to love Christ, neighbor, and enemy well by examining our hearts as well as the things that influence us politically and spiritually. What does it look like to honor Christ as Lord of all in our political lives?

This Voter Guide is not a guide on how to vote or what to think politically.  You will find no partisan voting advice.  Despite the name, the Voter Guide is not political. It’s not meant to tell you what to believe, but how to believe it—with humility, curiosity, compassion, and theological faithfulness.

If this sounds helpful to you, there are two ways to access it.  You can click here for the video version of all Voter Guide posts to date.  You can also go to to sign up to get future Voter Guide posts in your inbox. 


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